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San Animal Santuario is a charity that will do itís best to help all animals, therefore when viewing the dogs / puppies that need homes, you will see those in the care of San Animal.  We are gradually introducing our latest Foster Carers reports with the details of our dogs looking for homes, we feel there isn't anybody better to tell you how they are, and who witnesses the dramatic changes that happen in their day to day lives.

If you are interested in helping any of the dogs shown below, please telephone  968 955 404 / 670 348 461 / 650 735 950 for more information
or alternatively email us via our Contact Us page!

Dogs / Puppies in the care of San Animal


This is WINSTON, a 4/5 year old Pointer, and you could say in some ways, he is such a lucky dog.

Last Sunday at the Fundraising Bike ride, two of our team came across Winston when they stopped for a short rest period during the ride.  He has a large cut across the back of his neck which we, and the Vet, think is an injury from barbed wire - he also has two smaller puncture marks on his side.

We immediately phoned the Vet, who came out and treated the wounds but said they were probably about a week old!

Winston is now safe and being cared for in local kennels, and is on medication for his wounds.  He is an adorable, trusting, gentle dog despite everything he has suffered, he loves humans? Sometimes we have to ask why?.......

We are desperately looking for long term foster care to help his recovery or a new forever home but if you can't help with either of these, any donations you can make towards Winston's continued care, would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your support...




Update April 2015 Maochito - Negritas brother has been homed, therefore Negrita is very lonely without him, please help if you can foster or better than ever Adopt her!!!

She will stay a tiny dog as she appears to be a X-Andalucian Bodegueros!


We were contacted regarding puppies that born on a local Farm, the mum appeared and gave birth to three puppies in January 2015, one has already managed to find his forever but these two are desperately needing their forever homes as they were around cows and other farm animals and could have been trampled.  We have them in temporary care therefore any help either fostering or homing would be greatly appreciated.


The little black one is Negrita a female and the other Maochito a male.  They will stay tiny dogs as they appear to be of X-Andalucian Bodegueros breed!


Hello everyone, take a look at me, I'm Lucas.....I am a little boy around four months old (born end Sept 2014)and they say I will be medium size when I grow up!  I arrived in someone's garden last week, no idea how I got there, but I am a very happy little chappie.

I love being with other dogs, fine with cats and I don't even mind the Vet too much. They tell me that I'm an all sorts dog....a bit of German Shepherd, Mastin and something else with shorter legs!! I know I don't sound very attractive but I am really cute. 
I've been told I will make a super family pet, but I think I would like a home with another dog if possible.  Can anyone out there please offer me a home as I have nowhere to go......


Click here to see Alaska's latest Video - Feb 2015


March 2015 - Update


Alaska has responded well to her medication for her infection around her foot, sadly the home she was going to go to in Germany has fallen through, so if YOU could offer Alaska her forever home - please contact us!

January 2015 - Last week we were contacted by a family who had been feeding Alaska who was found living on a roundabout just outside the village of Purias, she had been there approximately a week to ten days along with one puppy who had been deliberately placed in a concrete water pipe, Alaska was in danger of being hit by a car as she was so concerned in protecting her puppy.  At first sight we thought Alaska had a broken back leg; after some coaxing into our car we immediately took her and her pup to our vets in Lorca and fortunately that was not the case; it seems that she has a very old wound around her claw area which has made her stop using the back leg when walking, she has only used three legs for a very long time, after having x-rays these show she has a great deal of muscle wastage on her hip, at present she is on medication to see if this helps; if not, an operation will be required to remove the claw and surrounding area.


Other than the above Alaska is healthy and weighs 40 kilos, she is between 18 months to 2 years old giving her birth date as sometime in 2013!  Her nature is quite and gentle and after only four days of medication she is already feeling better and putting all four feet on the ground.  Regarding her puppy, we were advised by the vet not to continue letting Alaska feed her, therefore the family who were feeding them both on the roundabout have taken her into foster care with their own dogs.

We desperately would like someone to foster Alaska while her treatment continues as she is only in temporary accommodation for this week; this treatment would of course be funded by San Animal. 


This is Scooby who we think is approx. four months old, this is to be confirmed by our vet! He was taken in by San Animal on Boxing day 2014 after being rescued by an English man fearing for his future as someone was trying to give him away in Aguilas!  He in turn was taken in by Judith and Roy who contacted us and fortunately was able to care for him for a few days while we found more permanent foster carers for him.  This is where he is at the moment and we are sure he will receive all the care he needs until we find his forever home!



Update March 2015 - Lindi-Lou is looking really good now, we have had her sterilised and with love and kindness she has blossomed and just wants her forever home to start a new chapter in her life!


Look at Lindy-Lou, isnít she lovely?  She was found abandoned in San Juan de los Tererros in November 2014.  Fortunately we later found out she had been seen being thrown out of a 4 x 4 vehicle.  After some detective work we were able to ascertain she had a microchip and had been passed on by her original owner two years ago.  We have now managed to have her chip transferred to San Animal and she is now looking for the forever home she so deserves.


She is four years old and a very calm lovely natured lady, she seemed to be used to other dogs and cats as she was in the home of one of our volunteers with five dogs and two cats without showing signs of aggression towards any of them!


If you can help her; this would be a wonderful start in 2015 for her!


Lily                                Matilda



Molly                            Silver



Seven Puppies

March 2015 - Update

We waved Sherlock off to his forever home in Germany on 23rd February, he had a big adventure going to his new life, he went by air to his new home along with Angel and Hobbit who were also starting their new lives - Good luck from all of us!

Unfortunately the 7th puppy Miguel who was the smallest when born, has been having tests for a possible heart complaint, he has now been tested and will need medication for the foreseeable future, BUT he is a very lively and happy little chappie so will possibly need to the only dog in the household - more information will follow!

These seven puppies were born in October 2014, we were contacted by a family who heard them crying in a elderly neighbours out-house, which is a depilated old building, obviously the stray mum needed some shelter to give birth.  There are three white/beige, and four brown/tan.  Four males and three females.  We are now in January 2015 and they are all vaccinated and microchipped and ready to go to their forever homes.  They will stay small dogs when fully grown 

In the meantime any help with fostering would be greatly appreciated as they are now starting to explore and causing havoc with the family's pet dogs! 


Catalina had a very poor start to life, she was found at approx. 8 weeks only, with terrible life threatening injuries, our Vet took her in and nursed her back to health and just look at her now!  She was born late June early July 2014.  She has a lovely temperament and has been living with other dogs and cats.  She would able to travel Internationally in November 2014!


Bobby was found running between moving cars on a busy road in Aguilas, He is a young male born approx. December 2013, on advice from our vet it seems Bobby is a cross breed with a Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz.  He is lively and has a lovely nature, he is used to being with other dogs and loves playing and of course lots of cuddles!


Say hello to Lady, unfortunately her and her son were thrown out of a car luckily near some animal lovers home.  Lucy is approx. 3 years old and is such a lady with a beautiful and friendly nature. They have told us that Lady is the perfect dog, loves sitting on your lap and would be an ideal companion dog, she is 30cms in height from floor to shoulder, she has also been living with other dogs and cats! She has recently been sterilised and is ready to travel internationally!


March 2015

Astor is a beautiful 2 year old  male X-German Shepherd, sadly he was found after being shot in the leg and full of parasites, plus extremely underweight.  Upon getting him to the vet for emergency surgery he is now fully recovered and clear of any Mediterranean deceases.  Unfortunately he was reserved for his new home in the UK but sadly due to unforeseen family circumstances this has had to be cancelled.  While in convalescence Astor has been in home environment and is fully trained.  Please find it in your heart to offer Astor his forever home; he so deserves it!




Montana is the only pup left from the puppies and mum we took in November 2013 as all her siblings have now been adopted and in their new homes.  Montana is missing those sisters and is looking for her forever home.  Since her family has left she has come into her own, although shy she is a friendly girl and mixes well with other dogs and cats.  She is currently in foster care but would love a home to call her own!


She is already to travel nationally or internationally as she has all her injections and has been sterilised - a ready made addition to the family!



This is CANELA, approximately one year old (Aug 2013) - she is possibly a Podenco type having some physical characteristics of Podenco, she does not like to be alone in a pen so needs another dog or a human companion........loves people and is very responsive and willing to learn.....found on the street....spayed and vaccinated...... gets on well with other dogs



Here is Caro, a castrated youngster, an energetic companion who will play with anyone and is affectionate and happy with people, he needs a home. Fine with other dogs.....Approx three years old...

Caro is really sociable and happy, he is a fun boy - gets on well with females, males, likes a good rough and tumble and is quite boisterous and would probably suit a Family with older children. He is house trained 


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