About Us

San Animal Santuario is a Registered Charity set up by a group of animal lovers who share the desire to make a difference to abandoned cats and dogs in the Aguilas, Lorca and surrounding areas of south-east Spain.  Since forming in June 2010, San Animal has been successful in the homing of many cats and dogs.  This is largely helped by generous donations from our supporters and the general public.


Our main goals are to find the best way to take in and care for abandoned and injured animals and, whilst looking for new loving homes, to provide them with food, shelter and veterinary treatment.  This includes vaccinations, sterilisation and where necessary medical treatment



Our vision is to run an organisation which serves to reduce the numbers of abandoned dogs and cats in this area of Spain.

Success will include having a shelter where we are able to care for the animals whilst finding them good new homes.  It will also be an organisation which, through education, reduces the number of abandoned animals in the future.



To rehome as many abandoned animals as possible, and to educate people on the responsible care of animals.



We believe in the dignity of animals and their right to enjoy a good quality of life.

We believe that animals should not be made or allowed to suffer.

We believe that sterilisation is the key to reducing the number of abandoned animals.



Santolina Animal Santuario 2011

Registered charity number 10.286/1